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Price labels in shops


Is it legal for shops not to display prices in Belgium/Brussels? I went to a different spacialst asian shop yesterday evening and was dismayed to notice that NOTHING was priced.

I don't normally object to this in a small night shop, but theits its unlikely I'm buying more than a packet of cigarettes, some beers and maybe a bar of chacolate.

But in this shop, I was going to buy a lot of stuff not available else where: 10kg of jasmine rice, soy sauce, fish sauce, various packets of dried products and spices, fresh vegetables not available in most shops, various pickles and condiments.

But I had no way of knowing if this was going to cost me €50, €80, €100 or even €150!! In the end I ended buying very little is I didn't feel like going to the one till to ask for a price everytime.


Yes, food shops are supposed to display prices, but in practice some ethnic shops don't have a price on everything, and I doubdt anyone has ever been prosecuted for it. You can find some info here:

Nov 5, 2018 15:12

"I didn't feel like going to the one till to ask for a price everytime."

I feel really sorry for the massive imposition this was for you.

Nov 5, 2018 15:28

Some of them are devils! Suggest you either ask for a price quote before paying or load up your basket with your chosen items and then go to the check out and ask for a price quote for all the goods you are interested in purchasing. If it is very expensive then verbally complain that there are no prices shown. If you agree with the total cost for your basket of goods then buy it. If not, then walk out and leave the basket of goods behind.

Nov 6, 2018 11:34

Of all the problems mentioned on these pages, this has to be one of the furthest away from being an actual problem that I've seen. Just pick up what you want and go to the till - how on earth will it be 150EUR? If you disagree with the pricing tell them and walk away.

Nov 7, 2018 17:13