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Princess Delphine angry with British press: Princess Diana comparison was misrepresentation

Princess Delphine of Belgium angry at British press
16:49 08/08/2022

Belgium’s Princess Delphine, half-sister to King Philippe, has expressed anger at what she feels was a misrepresentation of a quote taken from an interview with Tatler magazine. The quote has since been picked up by British and international press, report local media. 

In the interview, Princess Delpine recounted her struggle to be recognised as the biological daughter of Belgium's ex-King Albert II because she was born as the result of an extra-marital relationship.

British paper The Daily Mail quotes Princess Delphine as having said, “People now compare me to Princess Diana because I am also a 'Princess of Hearts' and generous in my work for good causes.”

The paper didn’t back away from disputing the alleged comparison either, writing: “Princess Delphine, the love child of King Albert II of Belgium, says the public is 'comparing her to Princess Diana', even though it turned against her during her legal battle to be recognised as the king's daughter.”

But Princess Delphine denies having said this. “I would never compare myself to Princess Diana, whom I admire enormously,” she said in an Instagram post. 

“Our stories are too different. I would never call myself 'Princess of Hearts' as the press is now claiming.”

Princess Delphine expressed frustration at the British press coverage, and the mischaracterisation of her words.

“I cannot accept this quote that is now doing the rounds in the press. Normally I don't react to false quotes, but this is just not on point. It's taken out of context,” she wrote.

Princess Delphine said she was only following up a statement she made years ago in an interview with the BBC, in which she had said that she would like to be considered a "Queen of Hearts" at some point in the future. 

The artist, formerly known as Delphine Boël, undertook a seven-year legal battle to be recognised as the daughter of Belgium’s former king.

Photo: Princess Delphine at Belgium’s national day parade in Brussels, 2022 © Belga/Bruno Fahy

Written by Helen Lyons