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Punch it out: GOBOX is the new hard-hitting fitness club in the EU quarter

GOBOX new boxing fitness club in EU quarter
15:54 04/03/2022

Don’t drop your hands, chips in the instructor as I take a break from what I think is some pretty impressive pummelling of the boxing bag swinging menacingly in front of me.

I’m enjoying a trial session at GOBOX, the new sports club that launched in Schuman in January. It’s bang on trend, combining not one but two fitness crazes: a nightclub-inspired studio that offers full-body workout boxing classes.

GOBOX nightclub-esque studio

There’s strobe lights, a high-energy playlist and an industrial vibe to the black-walled interior. It could be an afterwork venue, except for the suspended black boxing bags dotted around the space.

I’m also lurking behind some handy pillars, struggling to complete all of the sequences. We have to attempt six types of punches: straight jabs, side jabs and lower jabs, each attributed a number. After the instructor has performed a brief demo, the numbers are beamed onto the wall for us to follow, accompanied by a comforting countdown of seconds remaining.

I glance around, but no one’s at all interested in anyone else’s performance and I‘m not alone in ducking out from the throwing combinations for a sneaky breather.

GOBOX fitness classes

The boxing is interjected with sessions without gloves: lower body lunges, squats and kicks, as well as nifty ab work on the floor. Even with discreet pauses, I’m amazed by how I can manage to pull the gloves back on each time and give the bag another go. There’s no denying the satisfaction of holding up two encased fists and throwing even half-hearted punches.

After a final cooldown and stretching session, I chat to the owners. Inspired by a similar club in London, they love the fun and non-competitive aspect of the concept. It’s a very holistic workout and accessible to everyone and all ages, they point out.

GOBOX currently proposes three 50-minute group classes; the all-round one I just experienced, plus a more cardio workout and the female-orientated ‘Bootylicious on pop music’. Around 80% of their regular clients so far are women.

The multilingual team, including the coaches, will happily switch between English, French and Dutch and insist that they are there to encourage and explain all the moves.

An introductory discovery offer proposes three classes for €30, and it’s possible to bring along a friend for free on Sundays. On the practical side, boxing gloves and towels are provided by the studio.

Rue Juste Lipse 25

Written by Sarah Crew