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Reception Venue: Halle or Nearby?


So, I'm getting married (civil ceremony) to my Belgian partner on 15/07/2016. Because the commune jerked us around for a bit with miniscule paperwork issues, I'm stuck trying to find a small venue for our reception in a short amount of time.

I just need a place with tables, chairs, and a kitchen! I want to cater the event myself, and the kitchen is necessary for warming and plating of prepared foods. The venue doesn't have to be big. We're talking 50 people max.

Does anyone know of such a place close to or in Halle? Thanks!


Check with your commune - they often have a space for events and the like that can be rented fairly inexpensively.

Mar 25, 2016 17:24

Hotel Capital Brussels XL area

Mar 31, 2016 20:37