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recommendations for a neuropsychologist in and around brussels ?


We are urgently looking for a doctor to do following tests, for an adolescent teenage child (15 years):

• intelligence test;
• test for attention and concentration capacities,
• test of educational level (language and mathematics) according to age and months of schooling.

We cannot afford to wait too long, would be great if doctor follows conventionne, to be at least partially reimbursed from partenamut complimentary insurance. We are willing try hospitals too due to urgency but no clue which hospitals may have neuropsychologists.

Any recommendations for a neuropsychologist in and around brussels?


You don't need a doctor. You need an educational psychologist. Assuming that your child is in the French speaking system, you need a Centres psycho-médico-sociaux (CPMS). These are the professionals that deal specifically with children that have educational and social issues.

There is an equivalent in Flemish / Dutch, but I don't know what it's called.

If you aren't in the belgian school system, you could try and speak with the Community Help Service ( ). They have a roster of English speaking psychologists and therapists and offer specifically psycho educational assessments:

Dec 3, 2022 21:31

You can try UZ Brussel ( In general the medical staff there is willing to do testing in English, although the results (except summary) will be in Dutch. Referral from your GP or school/PMS would likely expedite getting appointment.
On French speaking side, you could try Saint Luc:
If you need the tests for any official request, you should check first if the requestor has any guidelines on whose test is approved, often there are qualification criteria.
Mutuelle will likely reimburse teste multidisciplinaire, if you child’s doctor it assigns, but talk with the doctor before starting

Feb 2, 2023 14:20