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Regarding Belgian Citizenship


I have a question for those who became Belgian citizen in recent years. How fluent are you in Dutch?
Is it important to have a really good( maybe native level ) fluency to be a citizen, considering the possibility of interacting with town hall or other government related services in Dutch.
I am from India, and I am qualified to apply for Belgian citizenship through marriage to a Belgian but I am not sure whether my Dutch is good enough to communicate in the above mentioned situation.
( Though I can get the help from my husband, I do think once you become the citizen you are expected to ONLY speak in Dutch.)


please advise

Aug 17, 2023 18:44

There are some routes to citizenship that don't need you to prove your language skills. For others, the language requirement is not very advanced.

Aug 24, 2023 16:41

You absolutely do not have to ONLY speak in Dutch except in odd exceptional circumstances such as in the Gemeentehuis.
Most Dutch-speaking Belgians - certainly those under 40 - speak English. In my experience they will automatically do so once they realise that you are an English-speaker no matter how good your Dutch is.
I suggest that you visit your Gemeentehuis with your husband and find out exactly what the language requirments are when applying for Belgian nationality there - not all communes apply the rules identically.
Good luck.

Aug 25, 2023 10:11

If you have been resident for 5 years you can demonstrate proof of a national language through one of the criteria for social integration (Belgian diploma, 400h training, integration course or 5 years of uninterrupted work). Otherwise you will need to take a test. For French the level is A2. Not sure if it's the same in Dutch. Most communes have good lists telling you what you need to do.

Aug 27, 2023 21:00