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Rental Guarantee Release


Hi all,

I am trying to organise the release of my rental guarantee which is currently in a locked account with BNP Paribas Fortis. I had tried to arrange a bank appointment with both myself and my landlord but unfortunately the EU/NATO summit meant my landlord was unable to get to the bank. I am now back in the UK. The bank has told me that I can organise the deposit release by mail but that my signature will need to be legalised by either the police or the Belgian embassy. Both these options are quite difficult for me (not least because of the very few appointments available at the Embassy).

Has anyone had any similar experiences with this and the options for legalising a signature? I had hoped that a notary or similar might be enough.

Thank you!


Ask the bank if they will accept a notarised document as proof of signature. Find a local notary and ask them. see here:

Apr 13, 2022 23:31