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Renting a private room in a resto/bar


Hi xpats!

Im looking for a place to hold an annual meeting of a club.

Concretely I would need a private room/hall which could accomodate up to 25 people round a table.

It would be an option for this to be a resto where we would order food and then have the meeting , or;

It could be part of a bar ( it would have to be quiet, so up/downstairs from the main part) where we could perhaps order in our own food but buy drinks there..

Or even a meeting room with nothing but table and chairs....

Thanks for any recommendations ( esp if you have booked such a place!)



Christina, I've been to a meeting followed by dinner in the upstairs room of Barbanera restaurant nr Schuman (rue Archimede?). Worked very well. Guests were asked to select their menu in advance, 2 choices for each of the 3 courses.

Oct 31, 2013 20:01