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Renting question---etat des lieux



What is the standard/official amount if time that the landlord's expert has to send me the etat des lieux?

I've already moved into the apartment and now when I ask for this I was told that I will get it in about 3 months! Is this standard practice----especially since I would like to get an expert (any recommendations or places to find one) to look at the place.



If your contract states the expert's name, then it is binding! You can no more change it for the initial house inspection. You and your landlord have contractually chosen your common expert, and decided to pay 50% of the costs each.

And yes, it can take 3 months...

But you, you have 30 days AFTER reception to submit your remarks to your common expertµµµµµµ;

Nov 17, 2011 16:55