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Road accidents triple in the hours following a Red Devils football match

09:48 20/06/2024

The number of traffic accidents on Belgian roads triples in the hours immediately following a Red Devils football match, according to figures from road safety institute Vias, for reasons often related to alcohol and "euphoria" prompting reckless behaviour.

Vias analysed the accident figures for the European Football Championship in June-July 2021, comparing them with the same periods when no matches were taking place (2019 and 2022).

The year 2020 was not taken into account because of the pandemic’s major impact on travel.

“Studies show that the risk of accidents triples in the hour following the end of football matches,” Vias’ Benoit Godard said on social media ahead of the Red Devils' match against Slovakia for Euro 2024.

“If you're planning to drive, be the BOB of your group – the one who stays sober and ensures a safe journey home for everyone.”

The studies show that there are also fewer accidents in the hours leading up to a Belgian match (down by as much as 30%) because there is less traffic.

But the amount triples in the first hour and even up to four or five hours after the game has ended.

“In addition to alcohol (which affects one in three drivers), people behave inappropriately by sitting on the edge of the front window or, for example, with their heads sticking out through the sunroof,” Godard said.

Written by Helen Lyons