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Scam and Fraud


If you are trying to sell something be aware of possible scams or fraud. I posted an advert on Deuxieme Main and on GoCar in the Vlan to sell a car. I got a number of replies which were fraudulent. One was from a person supposedly in New Zealand who wanted to buy the car for his daughter. He said that he would pay via PayPal. A day later I received another email, supposedly from PayPal advising me that the money had been transferred. I checked my PayPal account and of course there had been no money transferred. The email also stated that the buyer was including money to pay for the shipping and that I should send this money via Western Union to the shipping company in Hamburg. If I did that then the money for the car would go into my account. I checked with PayPal and they suggested that I send all of the emails to them at which I did. Another supposed buyer was in Paris and a broker in U.K. Interestingly they all wanted to communicate only by email. I asked them all to contact me by phone but of course that gives me their number, so I received no calls. The email from Paris was in French. The other two were in English. The English was good, but obviously not written by a native speaker of English. There were several mistakes in word usage or in grammar, so it was relatively easy to see that this was not coming from a company like Paypal. Although the emails appeared to be from Paris, New Zealand and U.K., I suspect they were all actually from the same person. So, beware, and don’t give anything away before you have the cash in your hand.


I advertised a car for sale in autoscout and spent the whole time fending off dodgy characters who wanted to buy it for export, often unseen. When it came to payment none of them seemed prepared to pay in a correct manner. Chèques were offered, showing a bank transfer on their phone, cash but not prepared to go to bank to have it checked. Selling your car via an online ad is a nightmare. I sold it to a garage for 10% less than I wanted but got paid in advance of handing over keys and documents. Be very careful.

Oct 10, 2018 23:40