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Hi everyone,

I am in search of a psychologist and found Community Help Service. My first impression: they seem to be responsive and understating, though did not use their psychological service yet. Did someone use their services and what is your experience? Would you advise using their service?

Thanks in advance,


Counselling and / or psychological therapy is an intensely individual experience, and what is good for one individual is not necessarily good for someone else.

Go and see the psychologist, if you don't feel that they are appropriate, then move on and find someone else.

Nov 15, 2018 14:45

I've used Dr Lucy Fuchs via CHS and the experience was very good. There is a bit of a loose canon who comes on here occasionally who rants about how bad CHS psychiatrists are and them charging extortionate fees, but I've never heard this from people who know what they are talking about. Just make sure that whoever you use applies rates acceptable to the mutualities (as she does).

Nov 15, 2018 19:36