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Sodexo Lunch Pass - Supermarkets that accept it for non-food items



I know Delhaize accepts the electronic Sodexo Lunch Pass card to buy non-food products.

Is there another supermarket chain that also accepts it to buy non-food items e.g. electrical items, homeware etc?


These sort of cheques are only supposed to be for 'food' items. If you have a Delhaize that alloys you to buy 'non-food' items then someone is probably pocketing these cheques fraudulently.
Le Lunch Pass® est exclusivement réservé pour l’achat de denrées alimentaireset ce, dans un délai maximum de 3 mois après mise à disposition de celui-ci.

Mar 29, 2016 14:44

I paid for a non-food item with a chèques-repas card at a Delhaize recently. Admittedly it was one thing amid several food products, but I used a self-checkout so presumably the practice is officially approved (I would have been happy to pay cash or buy the non-food item separately but have only just got the tickets and wanted to see what happened!).

Incidentally, I think the vouchers are now valid for a year so that document might be out of date in other ways too.

Mar 29, 2016 15:19

I shop at a Carrefour and they do not object if your shop includes one or two non-food items though I guess that they might refuse if you only had non-food items and no food at all.
@ Meha. How do you imagine that doing so might mean that someone is 'pocketing these cheques fraudulently'?
And, if you understand the French which you have posted, why don't you post it in English for the benefit of those who don't speak French?

Mar 30, 2016 08:52