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Tax forms Belgium



I left Belgium last year and have received my tax forms by post. I am now outside the EU and wondering if there are any services, online that can help with filing these tax forms

thank you

From the archives

"you can logon with your "Belgian E-ID"
Which part of 'I left Belgium last year' in the question did you not read?

"Of course, only a few people are still using the very old fashioned paper based forms"
You obviously know something that the taxman doesn't know. The reality is that more than 50% of tax declarations are done on the very old fashioned paper based forms.
How many people do you think do NOT own a computer?
How many people do you think who DO own a computer do NOT have internet access?
What about the older people who want to do what they are familiar with rather than using a system which, if they get it wrong, could cost them a lot of money?
My wife does our form. She is a university professor and still prefers the old fashioned way so that she can take her time and double check that there are no mistakes.

Aug 22, 2011 16:57