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terminating rental contract


I have a one year contract that is supposed to end on August 31. I am leaving two months earlier (End of June), and I gave notice of this at the beginning of June. In the contract there is no possibility of early termination, however I don't think the contract has been registered (I never received any notice of this). In other answers I read that, if the contract has not been registered, one can terminate it at any time, but on the other hand the contract could be registered at any time. Can I avoid paying the last two months of rent, at the price of losing my deposit? The deposit (worth less than 2 months of rent) has been paid directly to the owner and I have no guarantees of having it back.


IIRC, a 1 year contract doesn't need to be registered. If I'm wrong on that, I'm sure it can be registered at any time.

No, there is no way out of not paying rent.

Jun 20, 2020 16:00