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Question, a serious one, please.

I'm American working in Belgium on what I thought was a 12 month contract ending Jan 31, 2012. The money for my position is paid for by a government agency directly to my employer; I was told easier for the work contract, half of my time belongs to the govt project and half to my employer's other projects.

Recently, I became engaged and when I told my employer, I stressed that I would not be breaking my contract but would finish it even though we are getting married at the end of September.

A week later, she fired me stating as her reason that she could no longer afford to pay me because it was so expensive!

In the seven months that I have been employed by her, I have only been paid on time once, the other times I had to wait three months and then another one month. I have not been paid for July nor am I to receive any severance.

Can I complain, to whom would I do so or is it even worth it?

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Thanks to everyone for their helpful comments and suggestions.

Questions: To whom would I address my complaint? May I do so once I have left Belgium and returned to the UK?

Again, many thanks.

Aug 22, 2011 11:34