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I have been offered for a position in Brussels. However I'm not sure if the annual gross salary is above or below range considering the job market/standards in Belgium. I have already searched previous posts here. I also checked 'payscale' but didn't find it accurate so I wanted to have your opinion:

What would you expect (Annual Gross Salary) with 10 years of experience if you have been offered a job from a Fortune 500 company as a Manager?

Thank you,

From the archives

I have no idea as to what kind of salary you need to expect.

In Belgium you should expect to pay at least 50% of your gross salary in taxes/social security.

It's also a good idea to negotiate family leave (plane tickets) for you and your family back to your home country at least once a year.

It's also a good idea to negotiate your new employer to have an accountant do your income taxes each year.

There are lots of things you can get instead of money.

Aug 22, 2011 12:24