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Another farmers' protest planned for next week

09:15 11/04/2024

Dutch farmers' action group Agractie will protest against the European manure policy in Brussels on 16 April, according to an announcement on social media from vice-president Alien van Zijtveld.

Agractie is campaigning against the suspension of an EU derogation rule that allows Dutch livestock farmers to spread more manure than is actually allowed.

According to the European Commission, the Netherlands is not complying with the conditions for those more lenient rules. If the derogation expires, Agractie said it would have major consequences for farms.

“So on Tuesday 16 April we will go to Brussels,” van Zijtveld said. “There are already a number of agricultural parties that have pledged to join us to make a stand together. We’re also calling on other agricultural parties to join us. Together we are strong.”

Brussels has been the site of a number of protests from farmers lately, with the last bout being particularly chaotic: damage to public property occurred and Brussels residents grappled with traffic and noise disruptions.

This will be the third farmers’ protest this year.

Agractie also arranged a meeting with European Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevicius on agricultural policy, the intent of which van Zijtveld said is to “start discussing the despair and anger farmers are currently feeling about how the manure policy is working out on the farm” and to demand the suspension of the derogation decision.

Written by Helen Lyons