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Anti-advertising petition presented to Brussels parliament

12:52 22/01/2024

A petition to ban advertising from public spaces in Brussels has been presented to the regional parliament.

Launched by the collective Stop pub Bruxelles in September, it collected more than 1000 signatures in two days, reports RTBF.

The petition is being discussed by the parliament’s territorial development committee. The campaign's aim is to make parliamentarians aware of the public nuisance of advertising, according to David Petit from Bruxelles sans pub who will present the petition to MPs.

“We will explain and support the fact that advertising in public space has no interest and no advantage,” he said.

While the government authorises advertising from companies like JC Decaux in exchange for financial support for schemes like Villo! shared bikes, Petit argues that in the long term, the state loses money. “Advertising has a negative effect on the health of citizens, on their well-being, on poverty by pushing people into debt.

“It has negative effects on pollution because advertising mainly suggests overconsumption, selling products manufactured not to meet a need but to create a need,” he told RTBF.

The collective is realistic about its chances of banning advertising but believes the action is pertinent in Belgium’s election year, Petit continued. “We want to make ourselves heard… perhaps it will have a small effect.”

He added: “In my opinion, in recent years, too few radical measures have been taken regarding advertising and other issues. It is not only the ban on advertising that will solve everything, we must also look at the harmful effects of advertising.

Petit cited the French city of Grenoble as one example of advertising in public spaces being eliminated without a negative impact on budget. “It is therefore entirely possible with a little political will.”

Photo: Stop pub Bruxelles

Written by The Bulletin