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Charleroi airport opens new multimodal Mobility Centre for passengers from 21 May

14:37 19/05/2024

Brussels South Charleroi Airport (BSCA) has inaugurated a new Mobility Centre and revamped esplanade aimed at improving the experience of its passengers.

The two areas were officially opened by Princess Astrid on 16 May, with the brand new mobility centre accessible to passengers from 21 May.

This multimodal facility is the result of a €4m investment by, the Luxembourg company already operating the network of bright green buses that link the airport in Gosselies to cities in and around Belgium.

Located opposite the main airport terminal and adjacent to the Express car park and taxi point, the two-storey building houses a waiting room and digital ticket outlets. It includes 12 bays for buses serving Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, Arlon, Breda, Tilburg, Luxembourg and Lille. also operates shuttle buses that picks passengers up from their home.


The company expects to transport 2 million passengers a year, with BSCA representing 22% of this market, it said.

At the official unveiling of the centre, airport officials, Walloon ministers and private partners outlined their ambitions for the regional airport, its facilities and environmental challenges.

“We are delighted to see the work that began four years ago come to fruition today,” said BSCA CEO Philippe Verdonck. “Travellers can now enjoy new facilities that offer more convenience and enhance the travelling experience, both for their journey to/from the airport, and once they’re here, where they can relax before take-off.”

Since 2019, the number of individual car users at the airport has remained more or less constant, while the number of public transport users is increasing, he said. The airport’s goal is to continue growing, following a sustainable, responsible economic model. Passenger traffic, which was more than 22 million in 2023, is continuing to rise.

Walloon minister for airports, budget and finance, Adrien Dolimont, said BSCA was attentive to the environmental impact of the airport. “The Mobility Centre is part of a greening of the airport and there are more projects to come.”

He underlined the economic benefits of both BSCA and cargo-specialised Liège Airport and the jobs both directly and indirectly created by their activity. “They play a major role in the region.”

Paul De Muynck, Belgium director at, outlined the company’s growth since launching a first route between Luxembourg and the airport 10 years ago. “We are now ready to follow the expansion of the airport,” he said.


Reiterating the comfort and safety improvements offered by the new centre, he highlighted the state-of-the art digital ticket facilities. Among the benefits of using the bus service, was the ease of booking, lower fares compared to airport parking and the timetable linked to flights, including early-morning departures, he added.

New Plaza with food, drink and relaxation options

Completing the new facilities within the 8,500m² esplanade is a new Plaza, home to catering outlets as well as a recreation space and kids’ playground. Street entertainers will also make appearances.

The redesigned area is aimed at providing a holiday atmosphere for passengers travelling to and from the airport as well as people accompanying them.

Its food and drink stands – each with a Belgian and Carolo flavour - are managed by two local businesses. Fritapapa, which has already been installed at the airport for seven years, has expanded its classic burger and fries menu. It includes fresh locally-sourced chips, served with burgers made from pure beef, supplied by a farm in the region.


The Fritapapa team is made up of around 20 staff, plus 10 students, all bearing the brand’s slogan, ‘Eat, Chill, Fly’.

Its CEO Pierre Artuso said the company was keen to get people in the holiday spirit with its new decor. “Sand-coloured flooring, Berber-inspired wall hangings, atmospheric music and a new children’s area will help customers feel as though they’re on holiday already.”

Fritapapa is joined by another Charleroi company, Schamp – La Cantine, selling hot drinks and breakfast options (pastries, juices, coffees, brioches), as well as sweet snacks including chocolate mousse and tarts.

Its products are prepared at premises in nearby Marcinelle with daily deliveries ensuring the freshness of the home-made items. Another outlet, serving Italian fare, will join the Plaza at a later date.

Photos: (main image) Princess Astrid at Charleroi airport ©BSCA; ©Sarah Crew

Written by Sarah Crew