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Mental health care in Belgium: useful links for support

02:05 01/10/2019

You don’t need a referral from your GP before you approach a psychiatrist, psychotherapist or counsellor, but you’re advised to onsult first with your GP. Specialists can be found via, where you can find someone who speaks your own language.

You can also consult the website of the Belgian Federation of Psychologists to find a recognised psychologist and check the membership list of the Belgian Association for Psychotherapists to find a reliable psychotherapist. There are psychiatric hospitals all over the country and you can find those in your region via

Appointments with psychiatrists are almost fully reimbursed. Many health insurance funds will partially repay the costs of psychological or psychotherapeutic help but the conditions and amounts differ. Reimbursement of psychotherapy is frequently excluded from complementary cover. Information on all services can also be found in the health sections of regional authority websites.

Useful links

Support for mental health and psychosocial disorders

ADHD – ASC – Dyslexia Family Resources Belgium
Multidisciplinary network providing support to English-speaking families.

Online and phone advice from Leuven centre on eating disorders (Dutch).

Brussels Mindfulness Institute
Anti-stress therapy in eight-week courses, free workshops and monthly mindful happy hours. Plus courses for mindful parenting.

Flemish support project for people with mental health conditions.

Community Help Service (CHS)
24/7 telephone hotline offering support and advice in English. Plus mental health services centre for adults, children, adolescents and families, consistng of a multidisciplinary and multilingual team.
Hotline: 02.648.40.14

Le Chien Vert
Mental health support for children, adults and families.

Reference centre for mental health professionals and services in Wallonia.

Ligue Bruxelloise Francophone pour la Santé Mentale
Alliance of mental health professionals.

Mens Sana
Online information for chronic mental health conditions, in particular schizophrenia (French).

Mental Health Europe
Umbrella organisation representing mental health associations in Europe.

Plateforme de Concertation pour la Santé Mentale
The mental health association serves French- and Dutch-speaking people.

Multilingual centre in Etterbeek run by association of independent psychologists. Offers therapy and coaching

Support for families and friends of people suffering from psychiatric and psychic problems. Associations in Brussels and Wallonia (French) and Flanders (Dutch).

Schizophrenia 24x7
Support for sufferers of schizophrenia and psychosis (French/Dutch). Platform provided by Janssesn pharmaceutical company.

Ups & Downs
Self-help for people with bipolar disorder and chronic depression.

Written by The Bulletin