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Plan to make Avenue Louise greener and safer

10:04 05/10/2023

Brussels wants to make Avenue Louise greener, safer and quieter with an urban makeover.

A strategic feasibility study to this end will be launched this autumn by Brussels Mobility, Bruzz reports.

Avenue Louise, once a calm tree-lined avenue, has slipped into a busy thoroughfare since the 1950s.

“We now want to rectify that historic mistake of the 1950s and transform Avenue Louise once again from a conduit for car traffic into a liveable and pleasant place,” said mobility minister Elke Van den Brandt (Groen).

“Greener, safer, quieter and if possible also without tunnels and with real bicycle streets.”

A study bureau specialised in mobility was appointed to develop a strategic vision for Avenue Louise.

The aim is to examine possible paths for the redevelopment with a balance between the residential, connection and transport functions of the street.

Various scenarios for the future of the Bailli and Vleurgat tunnels will also be examined.

The planning will start this autumn and take place in consultation with the municipalities concerned and with various bodies such as Stib, the fire brigade, the police, Bruxelles Environnement and Bruxelles Propreté.

Once the strategic guidelines for Avenue Louise have been determined, work can begin on a more detailed redevelopment study that local residents and merchants will be involved in.

Written by Helen Lyons



We never voted for this kind of stuff.
If politicians have ideas to propose, there MUST be an open, lengthy public consultation.
Otherwise, any change has no legality.
Let's all keep in mind that the population of the city has more than doubled since the 1950s and commuting was pushed upon the public primarily by all the public and quasi-public institutions.
If car and motorcycle traffic is slowed down any further there will be consequences for the environment, the economy and of course lawsuits will follow.
Everyone should tread carefully on the subject of mobility and emergency vehicles fast and unimpeded access to all locations in the city.
Problems in delays in going from point A to point B are already apparent to all of us!
If this bad situation does not reverse, at some point in time (very soon), the public is bound to say (shout!) enough is enough!

Oct 6, 2023 13:07

Sadly the Brussels government is only ever concerned with the people living inside their voting constituency. Thus they ignore and trample the rights and legitimate interests of the people who have to go to Brussels for work, but live outside in the suburbs or further afield.

Oct 6, 2023 14:58

Agree fully with the 2 preceding comments. This Brussels government is positively obsessed with making access to Brussels as difficult as possible to everyone except their aforementioned voting constituency. Lots of people in Brussels communes outside the centre no longer go into central Brussels at all due to the horrendous traffic situation that has been created by the ironically named 'Good Move' clique. Why they think that standstill traffic pollutes less than traffic that runs smoothly is beyond me. Their Avenue Louise plans will be the coup de grace for the city, imo.

Oct 6, 2023 18:51
Theodore Galariotis

I agree with the 3 preceding comments.
This situation is getting crazy.
It's been happening in most communes.
Streets we have dearly paid for are being turned to little corridors.
I have seen fire trucks having to climb on sidewalks to actually make turns in streets that have been made much tighter without any gain what so ever in safety, spaciousness, pedestrian visibility or even aesthetics!
I've also seen police cars on a mission getting constantly stuck in packed traffic, because they can't use the space available in bike paths to bypass traffic due to cement blocks thus, keeping them trapped behind drivers that have absolutely no where to go in order to make space.
Most communes are becoming stressful, unreasonably environmentally unfriendly and most importantly unsafe for inhabitants, especially the elderly and children.

Oct 7, 2023 20:35