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Test-Achats demands 'clarity' over Proximus switch to fibre optic

14:23 30/01/2022

Consumer protection association Test-Achats has asked Proximus for "clarity and a gesture of goodwill" after it announced that it would gradually move its cable internet customers over to fibre optic technology, at considerably more expensive rates.

In March, the telecom operator will stop providing services via the old VDSL cables in several areas, including some streets in Brussels. The customers concerned will therefore have to switch to fibre optic subscriptions.

The consumer association is asking Proximus to clearly inform its customers about the impact on the cost of a subscription. To fully benefit from the technology, the least expensive subscription costs €42.95 per month, a price increase of 56%, according to the calculations of Test-Achats.

"The operator has already communicated that it will grant a goodwill gesture to VDSL customers who switch to fibre," Test-Achats said.

"The duration and the amount of this gesture are not yet known and we expect Proximus to be more transparent on this point vis-à-vis all customers affected, including those who have already switched voluntarily and who have not received any compensation for doing so."

The organisation is also questioning the exact timing of the terminations of old cable subscriptions this year and insists that customers be properly informed.

Written by Richard Harris


Frank Lee

In other countries, operators give you fiber at the same price as ADSL, but, of course, this is Belgium, so...

Jan 31, 2022 17:49