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Thirsty? Brussels is expanding its network of drinking fountains

16:12 14/04/2022

Seven new drinking water fountains will be installed in Brussels parks in time for summer, says Alain Maron, Brussels minister for the environment.

These are in addition to the 35 existing fountains spread throughout the city, which were taken out of service in November 2021 for winter maintenance and light cleaning during autumn. They will reopen on 15 April, Maron explains in a press announcement.

“Access to drinking water is essential in a city. By allowing everyone to drink and refresh themselves free of charge, we improve health and support sports and time spent in the public space alone or with the family,”  he says.

“I am proud that this network of drinking fountains will make our region both more convivial and more resilient to possible heat waves.”

Maron recently released a budget of €100,000 to Brussels Environment for the installation and maintenance of the seven new drinking water fountains in regional green spaces as part of the Brussels Region's water policy.

New water fountains for city gardens and parks

The new fountains will be located in the Colonial Garden in Laeken (operational and connected since 2 March), in the Sobieski Garden in Laeken (connected on 17 March but not yet operational), at the Vogelzang in Anderlecht, at the Duden Park in Forest, in the Porte de Hal Park in Brussels and on the Promenade de la Woluwe in Woluwe Saint Lambert, where two fountains will be installed.

“Water has an essential role to play in our region, as a climate regulator, as a place to walk and to recharge your batteries, as a recreational area,” said Elke Van den Brandt, minister for mobility and public works.

“Promoting water through aesthetic and recreational fountains means creating convivial places where all generations can meet. Setting up a free and accessible drinking water network means improving the health of all the inhabitants of Brussels, especially the most vulnerable.”

In addition to the drinking fountains that close for regular seasonal maintenance, there are four decorative fountains that remain in operation throughout the year: the Pol Bury fountain on Boulevard Albert II, the 'cabosse' in Simonis, the monumental fountain on the Montgomery roundabout and the one on Place Stéphanie.

Fountains are reopened gradually from spring onwards, “usually during the month of April, depending on the weather,” Camille Thiry, spokesperson for Brussels Mobility, told Belga News Agency.

While most fountains are expected to reopen on Friday, some may take longer “if minor problems have been noted”. 


Written by Helen Lyons