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Belgians have contradictory attitude towards parcel couriers, reveals new study

08:52 08/07/2022

Belgians have a contradictory attitude towards parcel couriers, according to a study by Vias road safety institute, commissioned by postal minister Petra De Sutter.

"80% of Belgians regularly make purchases online, a percentage higher than the European average. It’s therefore not surprising that no fewer than six out of 10 items sent by post in Belgium are parcels", says the minister in a statement, reports RTBF.

Paradoxically, however, the vast majority of the 2,000 people questioned (72%) say they are annoyed by the presence of parcel delivery vans and lorries on the roads, even when they are not breaking traffic rules.

Parcel couriers respond

In response, around 100 delivery people were also questioned, which raised a few issues about their driving habits.

"More than half admit to having driven too fast sometimes or often (56%), including around a school (29%). A similar number consider cycle paths and pavement as parking spaces (53% ), and a third admit to driving aggressively (34%) or being distracted when getting out of their vehicle. More than 60% admit to being sometimes distracted while driving (64%)," according to the survey.

Minister De Sutter pointed to respondents' attitude towards the price they are prepared to pay for their parcel: "38% would be willing to pay more for their shipment if this guarantees an improvement in the working conditions of deliverers", while almost half (47%) of respondents say they are ready to go "to a collection point to collect their parcel if it allows you to pay less".

Proposals to improve parcel delivery service

De Sutter said that several courses of action were on the table to stimulate the use of parcel distributors and reduce as much as possible the number of parcel returns.

Mobility minister Georges Gilkinet considered it necessary to "reduce the pressure on delivery people and therefore to work on the causes of this behaviour".

In addition, "20% of journeys made by vans in Belgium could be made by cargo bikes", estimated the minister, who emphasised working "to facilitate the use of other more sustainable and ecological modes of transport for deliveries".

Written by The Bulletin



These people have a job to do,
A job made harder by the amount of online shopping we all do.
We can’t have it both ways!

We need to look at why so many parcels go missing,
Why some turn up already opened and why they only give you about 1 second to open the door!

Bad driving?
Yes, that’s true, but that’s also true of the General Public, which is where they employ their drivers from.

There are far more problems than this on the roads of Brussels.
Speeding and double parking are two that come to mind.

This survey, report or whatever you want to call it was just a wast of time and money!

Jul 8, 2022 12:06