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More recycling bins installed in Brussels for disposal of dead leaves

11:31 25/10/2022

Around 30 mesh containers have been installed around Brussels to encourage residents to pick up dead leaves in front of their homes, reports RTBF.

The initiative is also aimed at recycling the leaves for compost, says Brussels alderwoman for green spaces, public cleaning and animal welfare, Zoubida Jellab.

She pointed out that while it wasn’t a criminal offence, citizens had a civic responsibility to clear the pavement in front of their house. "It’s street cleaners who sweep the pavements of inhabitants, but it’s clearly stated in general police regulations that it’s up to the inhabitants to do so," she said. "When it snows, it’s necessary to remove snow as in case of risk, it’s the responsibility of the owner... Well for dead leaves it's the same thing.” 

The city of Brussels has doubled the number of containers for dead leaves since last year. There are now four in the city centre: Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains, near Porte de Ninove, Place de Dinant and Place de la Chapelle.

Laeken counts 15: Avenue Houba De Strooper, Boulevard Emile Bockstael, Avenue de l'Impératrice Charlotte, Avenue Jean Palfyn, Rue des Artistes, Rue des Chrysanthèmes, Sobieski, Square Prince Léopold, Place Saint-Lambert and Ernest Salu.

In Neder-over-Heembeel, residents have seven bins at their disposition: Rue de Wand, Avenue de la Bugrane, Avenue des Pagodes, Avenue du Forum, Val Maria, Avenue de Versailles and Petit Chemin Vert.

While in Haren, three can be found: Twyeninck, Rue du Biplan and Rue Cortenbach.

Photo: © Brussels-City

Written by The Bulletin