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One in five drivers admits hogging the middle lane

09:54 26/04/2023

One in five drivers admit to hogging the middle lane on the motorway, a study by the Walloon Agency for Road Safety (AWSR) has found.

The survey showed that the behaviour of these drivers – dubbed “centrists” – is alongside failing to use indicator lights in terms of the sheer frustration it causes other road-users.

Although the highway code dictates that drivers travelling on the motorway must keep wherever possible to the right, some drivers find their minds on other things than the rules of the road.

"It's a behaviour that will annoy others, which can create traffic jams, slowdowns but it can also be dangerous because it encourages others to overtake on the right," an AWSR spokesperson said.

"Every year one accident in 20 on the motorway is linked to overtaking on the right."

Written by Paul Millar