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Brussels Mobility applies for planning permission to revamp and re-green Avenue Charles Quint

Brussels Mobility - Project for Ave Charles Quint, Brussels
10:11 11/05/2024

Brussels Mobility has submitted an application for planning permission for the redevelopment of Avenue Charles Quint, reports RTBF.

The busy thoroughfare in Ganshoren and Berchem-Sainte-Agathe is one of the main routes into the capital, used every day by thousands of commuters.

According to the Brussels public service, the proposal aims to revive the avenue by planting trees, creating green spaces and building cycle paths. It also plans to ensure fluidity for motorists by maintaining two traffic lanes in each direction.

The decision to carry out the redevelopment in the north of the capital will be made by the next Brussels government, following the 9 June elections.

The project to transform the congested route that currently has no facilities for cyclists, was developed after several years of study and participation with local residents and the Flemish region.

The fluidity of road traffic will be ensured by setting up a coordinated system of traffic lights and a simplification of some intersections, says Brussels Mobility. The project will maintain 222 of the current 387 parking spaces while allowing new rows of trees to be planted.

Bike path to connect to cycle highway network in Flanders

With more comfortable pavements and safe, accessible crossings for people with reduced mobility, pedestrians will be able to walk more tranquilly, the regional service adds. To enhance pedestrian ‘breathing’ spaces, mini-squares will be created. Cycle paths will be introduced for the first time and connect cyclist to the future F2 Cycle highway in the Flemish region.

There will be 88 bicycle racks and areas for shared scooters and bicycles. The public road space of more than 75,000 m² will experience an increase in various green zones, including rain gardens and park spaces, the application points out.

Photo: ©Brussels Mobility

Written by The Bulletin