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Brussels police station evacuated after woman hands over collector husband’s grenade

Hand grenade - Brussels-South police
15:49 12/01/2023

Forest police station had to be evacuated when a member of the public voluntarily brought in a grenade, reports Bruzz.

The demining service DOVO was called in and Brussels-South police zone also closed the adjacent commercial court and surrounding streets.

After being removed from the scene, the damaged hand grenade was safely detonated.

The woman had driven to the police station with the explosive after finding it among her collector husband’s belongings.

Although she thought she was acting responsibly, police took advantage of the incident on 5 January to issue the following public warning: “Never carry a grenade or other explosive device yourself. Contact the police immediately, but do not touch or move the object.”

Photo : Brussels-South police zone



Written by The Bulletin