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More Belgians heading south this winter to escape high energy costs

19:58 19/09/2022

The rise in energy costs has encouraged a number of Belgians to travel to sunnier parts of Europe this winter, according to multiple tour operators, reports RTL.

“Belgians are looking more often at a three week-long holiday in the south of Europe. The main reason being a spike in energy costs,” said TUI, who’s noticed a 50% rise in bookings for this winter.

While retired people make up the majority, employees have also joined in looking for a financial respite. For example, one month in Tunisia, full board, can be had for €750 per person.

To facilitate this, some businesses are allowing their employees to work online from their holiday destination. Tour operators such as Sunweb have also noticed a 27% increase in longer bookings. The Association of Belgian Travel Organisers (ABTO) has confirmed this trend as well. According to spokesperson Pierre Fivet, a similar interest in winter travel is reportedly happening in Germany.

Written by Louis Kernoa-Pascoe